Scene 1

Maybe it was the artificial gravity recalibrating. Maybe the ship had found a new orbit around the quiet planet below. Whatever it was it was enough to dislodge Ryan from where he had fallen asleep at his workstation. He woke up when his head made contact with the cool steel floor. He sat up slowly, rubbing his head. This wasn't the first time he had fallen asleep at his post. But it wasn't like anybody noticed. He was alone on this ship. He had been alone for 42 days, 9 hours, 7 minutes, and 47 seconds. According to the glowing green numbers ticking away silently on the top left monitor of his workstation. Less than three weeks to go before he would be done with job and back to civilization. But he wasn't really looking forward to it. He had enjoyed the time alone. The job was easy. He was basically an unsupervised security guard. Maybe he could get another 60 day stint with the unnamed company that he now worked for. He slowly stood back up. He punched a few buttons on the console. Glanced at display screens that showed the contents of the ship's cargo bay. All was quiet. Always had been. He walked to the far end of the console. The bottom right screen was a chess board. He touched a white knight and slid it to take a black bishop. "Your turn," he said as he headed for the door. He waved his hand over the sensor to the right of the door and it swung open. He stepped through and headed down the hall in the direction of the kitchen.